Убей её, убей!!

моя любимая Баллада Реддингской тюрьмы Оскара Уайлда

For each man kills the things he loves
By each let this be heard.
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man - with a sword.

Some kill their love when they are young,
And some - when they are old.
Some strangle with a hands of lust,
Some with the hands of gold..
The kindest use a knife because
The dead so soon grow cold.

Some love too little, some too long
Some sell & others - buy,
Some do the deed with many tears,
and some without a sigh..
For each man kills the things he loves
Yet each man doesn t die!

да, каждый сам убивает свою любовь.
Бедный, бедный Оскар((

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